AXISKI Ski Board

Axiski is is a brand new kind of ‘sledge’. Although we refer to it more as a ‘ski board’.

It can be used just like any conventional sledge however it will out perform other sledges in both versatility of positions and snow type and depth. It works in deep snow, shallow snow, slush snow and icy snow, hard snow, and soft snow and sand, therefore lengthening the potential time for fun.

Stand up, sit down, lie down or share it, Axiski is very versatile, and a whole lot of fun! Conventional sledges rely on runners, therefore could grind to a halt in the snow. Axiski works on all snow!


Our Price  £ 19.99

Axiski is CE marked, and has been tested to BSEN71 standards with all tests resulting in a pass. The products is made in UK, using virgin 100% traceable HDPE to ensure quality. Our rope and handle conform to REACH guidelines and are much higher quality than typical rope found on ”sledge” products.

Caerfagu opening times:

Mon - Fri
8.00am - 1.00pm
1.30pm - 5.00pm


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