Garden Fence Panels


Allow our panels to embellish your garden’s personality!



 Lap Fence Panels in treated softwood     
panels come in four different heights, from 3ft to 6ft, and are 6ft long



Feather Edge Close Boarded Fence Panels   
panels come in three different heights, from 4ft to 6ft, and are 6ft long



Trellis Panels 
panels come in six different heights - from 1ft to 6ft, and are 6ft long


Special Trellis Panels in brown   
bow top panels are 2ft high and 6ft long, and are available in convex and concave;

diamond  panels are 2 or 4ft high and 6ft long

We also stock metal post supports - for more details please check price lists.

Deluxe Fence and Trellis Panels

      Banbury Fence                    Banbury Diamond                 Berkley Fence
                                                   or Square Trellis              




           Blenheim Fence                Blenheim Diamond                Burleigh Fence

                                                                or Square Trellis



                                                     Buckingham Fence        



Heavy Duty Delux Fencing Panels

                Brecon                               Radnor                             Montgomery


For all Deluxe Fence Panels sizes and price lists click here



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