Aspen Alkylate Petrol

Aspen 2-stroke Full Range Technology and Aspen 4-stroke alkylate petrol are the cleanest forms of petrol that is available on the market today. Using normal premium unleaded petrol in small capacity engines without catalytic converters can be damaging for your health, the environment and for machinery. Aspen alkylate petrol contains virtually no sulphur, benzene and aromatics, which is better for you and Aspen is ethanol free, which is good news for your machines. The ready mixed Aspen 2-stroke FRT alkylate petrol also reduces the risk of incorrect mixing, eliminating engine failures which would be a very costly mistake.

  •  99% cleaner emissions*
  • ethanol free
  • chemically inert - can leave the fuel in machinery and will start easily next time
  • low odour - you are breathing much cleaner air when working with your power tools
  • Storage stable up to 5 years

* With respect to the amount of hazardous hydrocarbons

Aspen 2 FRT pre-mixed 2-stroke alkylate petrol 

Aspen 2 FRT is a pre-mixed alkylate petrol suitable for all air cooled 2-stroke engines, no matter what fuel oil mix. It is mixed with a synthetic high quality high performance 2-stroke oil for maximum protection and low smoke.


Our Price:

  • 1L bottle  £ 5.35 incl. Vat
  • 5L can £ £ 24 incl. Vat

Aspen 4 alkylate 4-stroke petrol

Aspen 4 is the cleanest petrol that you can use. Aspen is made from alkylate petrol which is made from the gases from the top of the distillation tower which are synthetically modified into a liquid again.


Use Aspen 4 and you will discover a much cleaner and more environmentally way to cut your lawn without the need to change your petrol mower.


Our Price:

  • 1L bottle  £ 5.35 incl. Vat
  • 5L can  £ 24 incl. Vat

Stihl Motomix

STIHL MotoMix is a patented premixed fuel, specially blended for ultimate performance. This 50:1 mixture is a combination of premium non-ethanol, high-octane motor fuel and our highest quality STIHL HP Ultra oil. It also stays fresh in your equipment over extended storage periods.


Our Price:

  • 1L Motomix 2 stroke fuel - £ 5 incl. Vat
  • 5L Motomix 2 stroke fuel - £ 20.30 incl. Vat

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