Round Timber

Traditional Round Treated Timber

Our pressure treated fencing stakes and posts are manufactured in our own mill from locally sourced timber. The round timber is debarked using cundey peelers, pointed on a traditional saw bench, and then air-dried before entering the treatment process, ensuring a good quality finished product.


Traditional round timber is mainly used for fencing.

In stock:


  • round and half round fencing stakes
  • round fencing stays/struts
  • round fencing & gate posts


1. raw material delivered from the forest


2. debarked material drying



   3. finished treated        fencing stakes



Machine Rounded Uniform Treated Timber

For a project that requires a neater, more uniform appearance, machine rounded timber is the answer. Available in lengths up to 3.6m (11'9'') and diameters from 63mm (2 ½'') to 200mm (8''). Being pressure treated makes it ideal for farm or garden use.

In stock:


  • round and half round stakes
  • round poles
  • round posts
  • half round posts and rails



Machine-rounded timber



Half-round timber






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