Water Storage Tanks

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PAXTON above and below ground tanks

Paxton's range of Water Sotarge Tanks is suitable for a wide variety of applications from domestic use, watering golf courses, storage for camping sites through to heavier uses such as manufacturing, agriculture and large scale horticulture. The tanks do not rot or rust and they're UV stabilised and frost resistant to -40°C. 


Stocked sizes:

CT 2200JA/JB            CT1000JA/JB          CT0600JA/JB          CT0200JA/JB

    (2200Gal)                    (1000Gal)                  (600Gal)                     (200Gal)

dia:   2515mm                        1850mm                        1850mm                         1308mm

h:      2635mm                        2305mm                        1555mm                         1060mm


ENDURAMAXX above ground use

Enduramaxx has for many years supplied a range of products for industrial purposes. The Enduramaxx Industrial Division continues to develop new solutions and further improve its existing range, keeping pace with a dynamic market.



  • manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene
  • ribbed design provides added strength and attractive appearance
  • do not rust or corrode
  • impact resistant
  • one-piece construction ensures long term structural strength



ENDURAMAXX underground use

The Enduramaxx rainwater tanks are designed to be used for many different water storage uses in domestic, industrial and commercial applications.  The tanks are designed to fit together to make larger storage facilities.




  • 4400L (1950mm depth x 2500mm length)
  • 7000L (1950mm depth x 3460mm length)
  • 9500L (1950mm depth x 4460mm length)

DESO above ground use tanks

Deso manufacture a wide range of industrial and domestic water tanks for many different applications such as, rain harvesting tanks, potable and non potable water tanks and garden tanks.

All tanks are manufactured from high grade UV stabilised polyethylene.




  • screw lid
  • forkliftable



  • 1200L (1160mm dia x 1270mm height)






  • lockable lid
  • potable water
  • forkliftable
  • crane lifting lug


  • 1675L (1410mm dia x 1500mm height)
  • 3050L (1700mm dia x 1810mm height)
  • 6250L (2120mm dia x 2300mm height)


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