At Caerfagu Products we sell full range of products required for building decking: boards, rails, spindles, balustrade posts, joists and decking screws. All decking timber is pressure treated in an onsite treatment plant.


Our decking boards are made from quality timber and come in pre-planed section size of 125mm x 38mm (5'' x 1.5''), with finished size of 120mm x 33mm (4.7'' x 1.3''). Currenntly we stock them in three lengths:

  • 2.4m (7'10'')
  • 3m (9'10'')
  • 3.6m (11'10'')

(More lengths can be supplied, subject to availability.)


All our decking boards have the same double-sided profile.


Cross section of a decking board




hand rail
77 x 34mm, 3.6m long



base rail
77 x 31mm, 3.6m long


We also offer decking fillets (3.6m long) to fill in gaps between spindles.


Spindles and newels

colonial spindles

41 x 41mm   0.9m long


 colonial newels with ball top
83 x 83mm   1.25m long


planed spindles
41 x 41mm      0.9m long
41 x 41mm      2.4m long


chamfered posts
83 x 83mm    1.25m long
83 x 83mm    1.8m long


Deck panels


1130 x  760mm


Burst of Sunshine

1130 x 760mm


Planed ended posts


70 x 70mm    3.6m long 

94 x 94mm    3.6m long

94 x 94mm    4.8m long







galvanised steel round or square angle brackets used to support posts and rails


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